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Sunda pangolin in its natural habitat © Laura Benedict

Know more. Do more.
Protect pangolins.
Sunda pangolin
Radio-tagged Sunda pangolin

Sunda pangolin fitted with a radio tracker © Ashraft Yusni

About pangolins

Have you heard of pangolins, often referred to as scaly anteaters? These fascinating mammals are native to Asia and Africa, with Malaysia home to the elusive Sunda pangolin. Renowned for their unique, armour-like scales, pangolins are a marvel of nature, offering strong protection against predators. Beyond their striking appearance, pangolins play a critical ecological role by regulating insect populations, primarily feasting on ants and termites with their remarkably long, sticky tongues.

However, these rare and secretive creatures face significant threats from illegal wildlife trade and habitat loss. By understanding the crucial role pangolins play in our ecosystem, we can unite to protect their future, ensuring these extraordinary animals continue to thrive in the wild. 

The threats

It is alarming to know that pangolins are facing severe threats to their survival. They are the most trafficked mammals in the world, with their meat and scales highly prized in certain cultures. This illegal hunting and trading put them at constant risk. Additionally, habitat loss and fragmentation pose significant challenges for these remarkable creatures. Pangolins rely on healthy ecosystems for food and shelter, but when their habitats are destroyed, they become increasingly vulnerable and exposed to numerous dangers.

Sunda pangolin

Sunda pangolin © Angus Chaplin Rogers

Take action now!

Join us in protecting and conserving pangolins and ensuring their survival! You can make a difference by supporting conservation efforts that focus on pangolin protection or spreading the word about the threats these incredible animals face. You can also advocate for stronger laws and regulations to safeguard their future. Together, we can make a positive impact and secure a bright future for these amazing animals.

Sunda pangolin

Sunda pangolin © Lim Jia Zhen

Legal Status

Sabah Pangolin Awareness Association (Pangolin Aware) is registered under the Registrar of Societies Malaysia (ROS) with Registration No.: PPM-006-12-21102022

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